Foraging for rowan

Naya Rea infuses a breath-taking newness to femininity and sexuality. Inspired by the Maria Schneider’s character in ‘Last Tango in Paris’; she combines themes and beautifully crafted textures, finding new ways of allowing latex to be a more sensual fabric. Unique blends of heavy and lighter fabrics suggest a certain fragility of beauty – with a need of personal protection.

Naya Rea’s rose pink lace has a latex overlay with autumnal influences and the sweetest golden pleated leatherette dresses and skirts burnishes in the winter sunlight. This metallic offering proves a sense of elegance with an armour-like toughness. A sense of masculine protection can be found beyond the faux fur pink collar detail, with woollen jacket in rich deep burgundy tones. Impassioned and full of fiery richness.

Naya Rea’s use of silks and veiled transparency explores ‘exposure and protection’. Translucent wovens integrate sheer qualities with tensile strength and Naya Rea chooses to juxtapose them with masculine patterns on dresses, high-waisted trousers and beautifully co-ordinated tops.