NAYA REA SS17 collection strives to speak on the delicate strength of the female physique and at the same time reflecting on the many facets and stages of being a woman.

The various femininity is interpreted through the use of lush voluminous ruffles and sensuous materials such as latex and silks. Flattering fluid silver tops and dresses with whimsical details including detachable collars and cuffs add a sense playfulness. Shimmering dresses and blouses in see through Ice-melting-in-a-glass-of-pink-martini shade catches delicate light and glittering attention. The unusual combination of materials, shapes and details further emphasizes the tenderness of the NAYA REA girl.

Finally, curiosity and the hazy tinted view of the outside world turn to reality; the revelation of a sensual, modern woman. Like seeing through layers of opaque cloud – confident, strong and demure in hot pink.

NAYA REA’s Spring Summer 17 collection is an offer of the sartorial liberation to the cosmopolitan sisterhood of the young and hip. Dive right in to this cool new world.